­­­MDD and PTSD directly affect tens of millions of patients and indirectly hundreds of millions of American families. What is known is the toxicity of the diseases over the long term, and the irreversible sequelae they generate. The challenge is to free these millions of people from this disabling and dangerous mental suffering before they relapse and “cross over the line.” A doctor is not permanently present with his patient; MDD and PTSD appear sneakily and trigger suddenly. What is missing in the existing therapeutic arsenal to fight more effectively against these pathologies? Monitoring to detect the risks of MDD or PTSD crises ahead of time.  For the first time, meaningful data can be measured in real time, very precisely, and on the basis of a clinical selection of biometric parameters directly associated with these pathologies of MDD and PTSD.  A doctor is not permanently present with his/her patient; MDD relapse and PTSE appear sneakily and trigger suddenly.

Anticipating MDD Relapse and PTSD Before A Crisis Occurs

MyndBlue allows doctors, for the first time, to remotely detect evidence-based, early-warning markers in their patients of a likely relapse of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) well before a crisis event.

New hope for patients with MDD and PTSD