Nancy Briefs

Serial Medical/Digital
Health Entrepreneur
Previous Infobionic CEO

Michael Bierl

Head of Strategy & Analytics
NY Presbyterian Hospital

Gauthier Pellegrin

R&D Engineer


Denis Fompeyrine, PhD

Founder & ​CEO

Simon Moulieras, PhD

​Research Data Scientist

Pr. Marion Trousselard, MD

Institute of Army

Biomedical Research

​PTSD Global Expert

Francois Kress

​Luxury Industry CEO
Biotech Investor
Kythera Board Member

Sylvie Lafosse, PharmD


The MyndBlue leadership team brings diverse expertise to the management of the company. From making decisions that guide long-term strategy to day-to-day operations, the team combines decades of valuable medical technology leadership, fiscal responsibility and R&D experience that is changing the paradigm of how mental health conditions, such as MDD and PTSD are diagnosed and monitored.  

Philippe Nobile

Boston Consulting Gp
PhD in Finance