A new paradigm for mental healthcare: anticipating risk of MDD relapse and PTSD ahead of time to get care earlier.

Meet the MyndBlue Team

The company's leadership team includes
executives, physicians, PhD, Pharm D with significant experience in pharmaceutical industry and medical device technology.

Company Fact Sheet...

Overview of Company's mHealth operations and technology's applications. 

MyndBlue allows doctors, for the first time, to use markers to remotely detect evidence-based, early-warning signs in their patients of a likely relapse of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) well before a crisis occurs. MDD relapse and PTSD are treatable. Unfortunately, an overwhelming majority of these patients continue to suffer because they have no foreknowledge of a coming relapse of MDD and PTSD: they may have discontinued drug therapy or have ceased doctor visits. Now, via a discreetly wearable device, MyndBlue uses specific markers that detect instantly a patient’s disease-status changes and needs, signaling his/her doctor immediately for intervention, before a relapse of MDD and PTSD occurs.  

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"MyndBlue Elects Serial Medical/Digital Health Entrepreneur Nancy Briefs to its Board of Directors"